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This tool will help you write an effective resumé and cover letter that will get noticed by employers. The more you know about yourself and the position you are applying for, the easier it will be to create a winning application. This website will help you build a resumé and cover letter that are targeted to the job, clearly written, and visually appealing. You will also be able to further edit your documents once they are downloaded and e-mailed to your account.

Your resumé and cover letter are only one part of your job search activities. For more information about career planning, interviewing and other related topics, please visit the Career Development Gateway.

Another helpful resource is your local Employment Manitoba office. To find one near you, please visit the Employment Manitoba website.


Gather information that will help you write your resumé and cover letter. Some helpful information might include:
  • a job ad
  • a job description
  • information from the company website
  • your resumé
  • reference letters
  • your portfolio